4 Reasons why you need an event app

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Networking is a big part of our professional lives, and many among us have gone to conferences or events in our industry to get to know others that share the same passions, exchange ideas and collaborate.

As event organizers, you no doubt face a lot of challenges. However, in 2016 many of them can be overcome by simply using the right tools. Apps designed for event participants and event organizers are some of the most useful of these tools, and we’re going to tell you why.

The following points are based on feedback received from event organizers – a Guidebook survey asked organizers about their experiences using these apps on events small (ten person meetings) to very big (more than 130,000 people). Here’s why you need an event app:

4. Save money on printing
Much of the information usually contained in fliers and other printed material can be just as well provided within an event app. Why have everyone carry around a printed schedule when they can check it in real time in the app?

An app costs about as much as a single ticket for a participant, while on average printed programs will cost twice as much. The larger the event is, the larger this disparity will be.

For instance, for a small internal corporate event 2% of the total costs will be attributed to printed materials, while the cost of creating such an event using Bunch will be zero. If we’re talking about a fan convention, the cost of creating and promoting your event within the app will be about as much as an entrance fee, whereas the printing costs will be 2.5% or higher of the total costs.



And then, there is the issue of keeping the environment clean. Uninstalling an event app used for a single event does no damage to the environment, and Bunch can be kept on participants’ phones and used for other events, again and again. By using an app, you cut back on printing by as much as 100%.

3. Keep up with the times75% of Event and Meeting Planners are currently using mobile event apps
Participants generally go to more than one event – in fact, they may attend multiple events in a month, even some of you might organize two or more in a short period of time. Therefore, they have a vast experience and have grown to expect a certain standard.

Event apps have grown in popularity, and they will soon become an industry standard, with such a wide adoption of mobile phones among participants across all sectors. Bunch solves the problem of keeping up with the changes for a fraction of the development time needed to create your own proprietary app.

2. Make last minute changes
If you’re in the business of event organizing you know how rarely everything goes according to plan. No matter how much time you spend ensuring that every small detail is taken care of, luck is always a factor and the unexpected will arise.

Changes in schedule are difficult to foresee and even more difficult to transmit to all participants, especially if they are relying on printed programs to stay on track of the event’s activities. What Bunch does to take care of this aspect is it provides you with the ability to make last minute changes that everybody can instantly see. If a meeting is postponed, if a speaker is replaced, everything can be changed in minutes, and people can see it at a glance.

1. Ensure a better experience for your attendees
What it all boils down to is ensuring a better experience for your attendees. The survey conducted on event organizers showed an 88% positive effect simply for using an event app.

Discoverability is one of the key elements of participant satisfaction, and Bunch does just that. It allows people to network and get in touch with the exact target they are looking for. Two like-minded people can be matched and a discussion can be started in an instant, improving the attendee satisfaction – an event where you got what you were looking for is a successful one, after all.

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