Benefits of using Bunch versus building your event app

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shutterstock_204827920There’s no beating around the bush, you need an event app if you are organizing an event at any scale nowadays. Whether it’s a small meetup or a ten thousand person industry conference, people attending your event will have a better time if they are connected to your event through a mobile app.

Using such an app can be done in two ways: up until now, you had the option of building your own app, used for your own event – and modify it for every future event. Bunch offers a second option. A better option.

Costs. The development of an event app will cost you, whether you are building it in-house or hiring an outside development team to do it for you. This means hundreds of hours of development, QA, testing, and additional work to be done, people locked to this project that might be better suited elsewhere, and tight deadlines ready to mess up your event’s scheduling.

Or you could go the white label route, but there are more than 50% of event apps cost upwards of $1,000, with half of those costing above $5,000 (The Event App Bible v2).

Bunch comes at a fraction of that cost. We aim to take the burden off of your shoulders, and the cost we aim for is in the range of a single admission ticket.

Time. Developing an app takes time. Developing an app properly takes even longer, and any delay will invariably mess up your entire event schedule.

Bunch is ready. You don’t need to go through the process of selecting a development team, you don’t need dozens of hours of testing, you don’t need to try it “in the wild. We already did that. Bunch is tried and true.

Results. This is for most the most important aspect. According to a survey done by in which they interviewed more than five hundred event app administrators, 86% of the respondents said that using an event app had a positive effect on their attendees’ satisfaction. Providing this service for your participants simply works.

Bunch can be used at multiple events, all the more reason why attendees will use it. There is no accommodation period, no setting up a new account, and participants will be more likely to use the app and interact with others.

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