Bunch is a must have in your event toolkit

Make your guests happy

Happy attendees tell others about the events. They're interested in content and relationships, we'll let you focus on the content and we'll take care of the rest.

Data that matters

Know your guests and their dynamic. Having all the relevant data in one place can offer you insights on tweaks you can make that yield high results.

You have enough on your plate

Streamline the way your attendees meet the right people, talk and build solid relationships.

attendee industry

Actionable data

Our analytics dashboard gives you insight on the industries attending before the conference and data on how they engage during the event.

Why attendees love Bunch

Better time management

They can add interesting people to their favorites ahead of time in order to focus on creating relationships at the event.

The best suggestions

Bunch learns how each guest is using the app, the best matches will be at the top of the list.

Matchmaking at its best

When two people express interest in each other, Bunch will connect them and help start a conversation.


VIPs are rarely active in apps, but your guests can request a few meetings with the most important people at each event.

Schedule management

Guests can pin their favorite tracks so they won't miss out on great content.

They're better networkers

By focusing their time on the right people they get more meaningful relationships.

We're here to deliver results

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Co-Founder, Bizdev

Bogdan Popa

Co-Founder, CTO

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Co-Founder, Operations

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Customer Discovery & Sales

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