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We’ve already talked about how you can increase attendee satisfaction at your event by providing your participants with a mobile app designed for the event. Making it available and having it widely adopted by people at the event are two separate things, though, and we’re now going to talk about the steps you can take to ensure a wide adoption of your selected app.

Let everybody know about it in advance. Mention that you have an app prepared for your guests in the pre-event emails. Also, mentioning the app on social media (Facebook, Twitter) will ensure that your reach will be even larger. Knowing about it in advance will help attendees prepare, download it before they get there and have a clear idea on who they want to meet up with. If you use Bunch for your events, people might already have it installed!

Include it in the welcome package. When a guest arrives at registration, make sure you tell them about the app and remind them to install and use it, if they haven’t done so already. Make the app part of the welcome package! It’s the best time to have people fiddle with their phones, after all.

Mention it in the opening remarks. When attendees first arrive there are a lot of things to take in at once, and they might forget this one task. Mentioning the app once more in the opening remarks gives them one final chance to get the app before things get started and use it throughout the event.

Get in on the app yourself. There’s no better incentive for your guests to use the event app than seeing you and the other event organizers use it yourselves. If you use Bunch you will definitely be the power user shown in the app – it doesn’t mean that you need to see everybody and respond to every meeting request, but people will be more tempted to get connected.

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